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Complaint Resolutions and Compliance Solutions

CRCS Legal are experienced in providing Complaint Resolutions and Compliance Solutions.
At CRCS Legal we are able to help you maintain Compliance with your regulatory obligations. We offer a bespoke service to busy Barristers/Chambers that allows you to maintain service to your Clients.

This includes

Understanding Core Duties which set the mandatory standards that Barristers are required to meet.

  • Understanding Core Duties which set the mandatory standards that Barristers are required to meet.
  • Help on what you must report or tell the BSB.
  • Guidance on Money Laundering and the risk associated with this.
  • Review of whether you are compliant with the transparency rules.
  • Understanding what is serious misconduct and how and when to report this.
  • Maintaining your obligations to comply with the BSB Handbook.
  • Review of policies and procedures to maintain compliance.
  • Updating policies and procedures/creating new ones as necessary.
  • Training/Guidance on key issues.

Continuing Professional Development is a key requirement from day one of practice. CPD is defined in the BSB Handbook (rQ130.2) as “work undertaken over and above the normal commitments of Barristers with a view to such work developing their skills, knowledge and professional standards in areas relevant to their present or proposed area of practice, in order to keep themselves up to date and maintain the highest standards of professional practice”.

We can help you plan your CPD, and deliver training courses which will count towards your CPD to ensure that you remain compliant.

CRCS Legal also offers a comprehensive complaint handling service to comply with your duties under Rules C99-C109 -Complaints rules in the BSB Handbook. 

We deliver a tailored service to suit your needs including:

  • Drafting a complaint procedure that complies with the BSB Complaints Rules.

  • Offer complaint handling that supports chambers in it’s obligations.

  • Liaising with members of chambers/clients.

  • Offering guidance and support to chambers in regard to resolving complaints.

  • Dealing with complaints that are escalated to The Legal Ombudsman.

Our experience shows that when complaints are outsourced, clients have more confidence in the process. It also provides you with confidence that you are compliant with your obligations. We support you with guidance as to how to resolve matters, what may be acceptable to The Legal Ombudsman, which in turn means they are unlikely to deal with the complaint in their office.

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